Statement of Purpose

The City of Tampa (Florida) police administration exhibits a trend that is occurring in the U.S., where some public officials use their positions to financially advantage themselves. They rationalize their revenue-seeking behavior (taking money from the people) by acting as if they are "running a business," sometimes in partnership with corporate interests that can further the fortunes of public officials. Ultimately, this generates more money for officials to spend on themselves (salaries, benefits, bonuses, perquisites, more personnel and equipment). My purpose in exercising my First Amendment rights at this time is to disclose the perverse police practices that were the basis of my 2004 federal lawsuit against the City of Tampa, recognizing their revenue generation antics continue, and to achieve the interventions listed in my Call to Action.

  • Ticket Quotas

    Ticket Quotas and The Auto Insurance Kickback
    Beginning in 1999, Tampa police officers suddenly became ubiquitous in writing traffic tickets and running speed traps. Something had happened. I searched for many years and ultimately found the reason why. ...
  • Ticket Fraud Allegations

    Ticket Fraud Allegations
    Fraud is the primary reason that ticket and arrest quotas should be illegal. If officers are told, a priori, how many illegal activities they must observe within a given time period, failing to do so creates pressure...
  • Orban v. Tampa

    Orban v. Tampa
    My federal lawsuit against the City of Tampa attempted to discontinue: a) Tampa’s ticket-at-every-crash policy and the related fraud; b) the “secret” submission of crash reports to court, some of which are false;...
  • Federal Judges’ Errors and Omissions

    Federal Judges’ Errors and Omissions
    Prior to my lawsuit, I believed the federal court system was a bastion of honesty and integrity. My experience demonstrated this is not necessarily true, as plaintiffs and defendants merely contend with the varying....

96% Police Pension Benefit Increase

Following the Large Auto Insurance Increase from Tickets

During the 1990s, auto insurance premiums were stagnant in Tampa and throughout Florida municipalities, as evidenced by the tax on auto insurance premiums (called Chapter 185 revenue). The same amount was collected year after year.

A Call to Action!

Lawmakers must protect the public from greedy public officials.

Intervention is needed to assure public officials in Tampa do not use the Republican National Convention as an “official” fundraiser, especially among protesters. The City of Tampa already produces excessive numbers of tickets and arrests because they assume a “business” approach, instead of a “community” approach.